Jeruz Energy Inc.


Jeruz Energy Inc. is offers wide range of services. Due to our alliances and agreements, we have a substantial resource pool and large knowledge base. Our breadth and depth cover just about every thing that has to do with clean energy, clean water, and clean air. We have solutions to small and large-scale projects.

Service contract agreement like

  • "BOOT" (Built own operate transfer)
  • "BOT" (Built Operate Transfer)


To help India and other countries become energy independent by exploring all available clean energy solutions. Additionally, help India and other countries implement all available solutions for clean air and clean water. Our primary focus is India and surrounding regions.


Contribute to the nation by making it energy independent by transferring state-of-the-art environmentally friendly (Green Energy) renewable energy related technologies and products.

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About Us

Jeruz Energy Inc. was formed by Indian origin with worldwide experience in high technology businesses. They have studied and dealt with a wide variety of technologies, products, and related services in the Clean Energy, Clean Water, and Clean Air Industries. Jeruz Energy Inc.. has developed relationships and formed strategic alliances with major worldwide technology